Advaita is a global commodity trading group specialising in base, precious and minor metals. Drawing on our deep knowledge of cultural conventions and political realities in central Asia and the Far East, we have formed valuable partnerships across the region, enabling our customers to benefit from our excellent network of trusted partners and government contacts. With Headquarters in Dubai and offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta and Almaty, Advaita is situated in prime locations for servicing all trading theatres as well as actively managing refinery operations and logistics.

We pride ourselves on providing customized financing solutions and assisting local mining companies, by utilizing our strong network of financial institutions and major industry contacts. Deeply rooted in the commodity trade industry, Advaita furthermore operates as a financial service provider, sourcing, evaluating and managing tailor-made investment projects based on the exact, individual needs of our clients.

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Commodity Trading

Commodity trading is at the heart of what we do. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience, Advaita has worked with leading trading and mining companies in Kazakhstan and other parts of Asia, creating valuable relationships and trust with key players while successfully establishing a regional presence in the Central Asian Region. In 2014, Advaita emerged following the restructuring of one of the biggest mining companies in central Asia, thus becoming an independent trader with strong roots in the industry. Since then, Advaita has grown into a global entity, operating worldwide with branches and partners from London to Singapore and Hong Kong.



We place a premium on creating enduring and long-term relationships with mining companies while helping them broaden their reach in the global commodity market. Our strong network of trusted partners in the banking sector enables us to provide our clients with tailored and responsible financing solutions – in addition to fair solutions for trade and finance processes and prepayments. After careful evaluation by our analysts, we create the best solution for each individual client. Over the years our dedicated team of experts has helped numerous partners achieve their financial and business goals. By working with us, emerging producers have the unique opportunity to benefit from our established global network to reach their full potential.



Many expanding businesses in the mining sector are looking for investors who actually understand their day-to-day operations. With our superior investment capabilities and our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the industry, Advaita has helped many companies succeed. Whether by investing into a company’s core or into creative projects that help solve operational issues, our dedicated team is always looking to create mutual benefits through Advaita’s investment activities.

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